Wedding Favors

A collection of the premier wedding favor suppliers in Vancouver and surrounds.


The Sweet Alley

Wedding Cakes | Gourmet Treats

Our mission is to fulfill your sweetest desires and create delectable confections from bespoke wedding and celebration cakes, gourmet cupcakes,designer cookies and other sweet treats.

We bake with the finest ingredients, pride ourselves in creating  handmade goodies with passion and artistry, giving you sweets not only pleasing to the eyes but deliciously divine to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can email us to order or if you wish to discuss your dream wedding cake, we invite you to book a consultation for an intimate and unforgettable cake tasting experience.

Metro Vancouver & Surrey, British Columbia

(778) 737-8140

Facebook @thesweetalley

Instagram @thesweetalley

Pinterest @the-sweet-alley

Wild Jasmine Apothecary

Skin Products

Wild Jasmine Natural Apothecary was created to provide you with quality & affordable non-toxic alternatives to commercial B&B products.

Vancouver, British Columbia

(604) 355 3373

Facebook @wildjasmineapothecaryCA

Instagram @wildjasmineapothecary

Etsy @WildJasmineSkincare

British Columbia, Canada

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