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What should your bridesmaids pay for?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

There are a lot of costs that come into play when planning a wedding and this applies to your bridal party as well. At the end of the day it’s a give and take between the bride and the bridesmaids. Costs and expectations should be clearly defined as early as possible to avoid any surprises for both parties.

Here are a few generally guidelines about who pays for what and some insight from my own wedding.

Should the bridesmaid pay for their dress?

General Rule:

Yes, it is generally expected that bridesmaids should pay for their dress.

What I did:

I covered the cost of all the fabric but asked my bridesmaids to cover the cost of making the dress. This was due to my bridal party being international. Read up on how I dealt with an international bridal party here: How my Husband & I handled an international bridal party

Who pays for the bridesmaids shoes and accessories?

General Rule:

Usually this will be covered by the bridesmaids unless the bride wants her bride squad to match, in which case, the bride should pay.

What I did:

I asked my bridesmaids to supply their own neutral shoes and style, height etc was up to them. I did however want them to have matching subtle jewelry so I gifted them each with a necklace, earring and bracelet set along with the hair pieces I wanted hem to wear. This formed part of the gift I gave them on the morning of the wedding.

Do bridesmaids pay for their bouquets?

General Rule:

No, this is covered by the bride along with her bouquet and other florals required.

What I did:

I covered the costs for my bridesmaids bouquets. I did find my initial cost received a bit steep so I was able to get a better price by using these tips to save costs here: Tips to save money when planning your wedding

Do bridesmaids pay for their hair and makeup?

General rule:

Yes. If the bride can afford this she may pay, if she cannot, the bridesmaids may offer to pay for themselves. This is a discussion the bridal party should have an a consideration for the bride when choosing the size of her bridal party.

What I did:

I covered the cost of hair and makeup for my three bridesmaids, my mom and my mother in law. I liked the idea of us all getting ready together and I wanted to spoil them. In the grand scheme of wedding effort and cost I was happy to give back to the ladies involved a bit.

Should a bridesmaid give a wedding gift?

General Rule:

Yes, whether they choose to give one gift or individual is up to them.

My Thoughts:

This comes down to where else they have contributed in the preparation leading up to the wedding. Depending on the other costs incurred to be a part of the day a fair Bride should waive this for her loyal squad.

Should the bridesmaids cover the costs of the bachelorette party?

General Rule:

Yes. Generally it is the norm for those attending the bachelorette or at least the bridesmaids to contribute towards the brides expenses.

My Experience:

My amazing bridal team covered my costs for both my requested spa day and evening of cocktails with dinner. They also worked with the moms to arrange the kitchen tea. How the costs were slit remain a mystery to me.

Should bridesmaids pay for their wedding accommodation?

General Rule:

For any wedding located out of your nearby area of residence accommodation is probably going to be a factor. Generally bridesmaids would be responsible for covering the cost of their accommodation on the night of the wedding. But anything else and it would be polite of the bride to contribute depending on the requirements.

What I did:

I wanted my bridal party at the venue the night before the wedding and the night of. Find out more about why here: Tips and tricks of wedding planning. I covered the price of my bridesmaids for the night before the wedding but asked them to pay for their own on the night of the wedding. I also did not cover the costs of any plus ones they were bringing with.



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