• Jasmine Bailey

What is the best wedding dress style for my body shape?

So there are two parts to address in this question, one is body shapes and the other is dress styles.

What are the different body shapes?


This shape includes a full bust and full hips paired with a defined waist.

Dressing for this body shape is fairly straightforward. Most Dress styles work well with this body type.

Triangle or Pear Shape

This body shape has broader hips than shoulders and as the definition suggests, creates a more triangular or pear shape.


This body type has both a full bust and hips without waist definition.

Inverted triangle

This body type has broader shoulders with smaller hips.


This body shape has fairly straight up and down proportions on the sides with very little waist definition.

What are the different wedding dress styles?

A-line Wedding Dress

This is the most versatile of the wedding dress styles in the sense that its very flattering to all body types.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

This wedding dress style works well with triangular and hourglass body shapes.

Empire Wedding Dress

This styles high waist and loose skirt fit is incredibly flattering to all body types.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The Ball Gown wedding dress is very popular because this also works well with a variety of body shapes. The body shapes which benefit from this style are Triangle, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle and hourglass.

Sheath Wedding Dress

This style is most flattering to hourglass and rectangular body shapes.

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