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Tips to save money when planning your wedding

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Wedding planning can be tough. Trying to keep within a budget and still get the perfect day is quite the balancing act, so I’ve put together a few ides of how to make this daunting challenge a little easier.

Supply your own alcohol

Some venues may not be willing to allow this, but many will, with a corking fee or another arrangement. Either way, it’s certainly worth finding out. This could save you quite a bit as drinks are often one of the highest costs at a wedding and being able to cut this down a bit can be very helpful. It’s also a great opportunity to add some personalization to your wedding. You could opt for a brand of wine that is special to you and your hubby-to-be or one from a location that is memorable!

Design your own stationery

This really isn’t as daunting as it sounds. I am fortunate to have graphic design experience but there are a number of sites online that have this feature and make it really easy. Your local print store may also offer design services at a more affordable rate than someone who specializes in wedding stationery. You may even know someone who can do it for you at the fraction of the cost.

Save on wedding favors

At the end of the day, people don’t want something with your names or special day. It’s cute on the day but these things are often thrown away or even left at the venue and when you have spent time deciding on the perfect favor and money to make it happen, this is pretty disappointing . Having been to a number of weddings, and after receiving a number of various wedding favors including embroidered napkins in a color I would never use in my house, plus I only had one, a beautifully bound ‘ how to be a good husband/wife book’ which I never read and cannot locate anymore and a number of other things I can’t even remember; I can assure you that the best wedding favor I ever got was a bar of quality nougat. That’s right nougat. I ate mine, I ate half of my husbands and at the end of the night someone at the table left theirs behind and I ate that as well! (No judgement please) So when it came to my wedding which was gold themed, I bought a few boxes of Ferrero Rocher and the wedding favors for each person was a single Ferrero Rocher. Needless to say there were none left over. And yes, chocolate may not be something everyone loves but nothing will be, so for my husband and I this was a really great move. It saved us money and time and helped us check favors off the list quickly. My opinion is that there are so many other things to worry about, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Use electronic stationery

Well it is the 21st century after all. And apart from this being a way more convenient way of communicating it saves you a fortune on stationery costs and time on following up making sure every guest has received their save the date or invitation. There are many services for this online and they really do look good and make things easier if electronic is something you are interested in.

Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue

This ides suits some brides more than others but it certainly helps save. Many venues actually have a location to have the wedding and apart from saving you the cost of rental for two locations, it also saves you the transportation costs of both you, your bridal party and suppliers. In addition, your wedding day is always on a tight schedule, so not having to spend time traveling from one destination to the other gives you more time to spend getting ready, taking photos or even mingling with your guests!

The three quote rule

This is a norm in business but people often feel rude auctioning it in their own lives. Doing a proper price comparison is part of planning and it’s part of the package for suppliers wanting to be in the Wedding game. So make sure you research your top 3 suppliers and send them all quote requests. You will likely have a favorite but this will help you see what is reasonable for what you are looking for. You may have to amend your budget or try find someone more affordable but you should certainly know what the going rate is for every service.

Decide what is important to you

A wedding can really cost as much or a little as you want it to. It comes down to where you are willing to compromise. And this is different for everyone. For me, I would not compromise, within reason, on a photographer, venue and dress. These were key elements of how I planned on remembering my day and it was important that I got exactly what I wanted here. For the other suppliers I opted for more affordable vendors, ordered shoes online, and chose to DIY wedding stationery and signage which saved a great deal. It’s a balancing act but you should establish what’s important early.

Ask for a lower rate

Some brides may feel shy about this but it’s worth doing. I negotiated a lower cost for flowers and for catering. These are areas where there is a lot of room to play around and the price really can vary dramatically. My bouquets were still amazing and the food was still an absolute hit but we saved a lot by just asking. This is also why it’s important to know the going rate. Most suppliers are actually very flexible.

Use artificial flowers

I’ve seen this trend become more and more popular lately and with the quality of artificial flowers on the rise, it’s easy to see why. They can look gorgeous and be arranged months before the big day, meaning you can still have that gorgeous look for a fraction of the cost.

I hope these tips to save money on your wedding can help you plan your special day with a little less stress and a little more honeymoon fund!



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