• Jasmine Bailey

#AmethystFebruary: Purple Themed wedding inspiration

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

In light of Februarys birthstone being Amethyst, I explored a few ways brides and groom can incorporate some lovely lilac tones into their wedding.

To start, I have to feature the lovely sand ceremony which makes a fabulous wedding keepsake.

The sand ceremony symbolizes the unity of the bride and groom. The couple each provide two small vials of colored sand and each take turns pouring their sand into the main jar to represent them becoming one.

On to wedding cakes, this was possibly one of the most striking wedding cakes I have ever seen and I would love to see more wedding cakes with such a modern flare!

For the more traditional brides wanting to sneak in a little lilac, purple wedding shoes are the perfect option! They are a fabulous little secret that you can show off when you feel the need!

I’m a sucker for bridal bouquets and so I have a few that I just couldn’t pick from. All a mix of drop-dead-gorgeous lilac and mauve flowers any one of these purple wedding bouquets will take your breath away!

On to wedding decor, I have one for the more traditional bride and one for the bride who wants to step out of tradition, and quite frankly, I cannot choose! Both of these purple wedding decor setups are absolutely elegant in their own way and bound to have your guests ohhing and ahhhing!

On to your gorgeous bride squad, I’m in love with the idea of using different colored bridesmaid dresses! It’s a great way to give them their individuality. But if that seems a bit too much for you, simply having these awesome infinity dresses for your bridesmaids is a great way to give them a touch of uniqueness and have a dress that suits different body shapes.

On to the man of the hour, let’s talk about your Groom. Here is a gorgeous lilac boutonniere to keep with your theme and have a masculine edge at the same time!

On to your bridal makeup, why not give your eyes an edge with some gorgeous lilac hues?

Finally let’s talk wedding photography. When choosing your wedding venue try to visit it at the same time of year that you will be having your wedding. The seasons make a huge difference in what flowers will be blooming and how areas will appear and this effects how you and your photographers can plan your shoot that day. Remember, time flies by so it’s better to have an idea of where you would like to be to make sure you get the most out of your venue. The below couple planned this to perfection with these gorgeous lilac blossoms!!

I hope your are feeling mauve-inspired!! I am!



British Columbia, Canada

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