• Jasmine Bailey

My top wedding tips from a bride who's been there

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

This is a collection of the top wedding tips I would suggest for a newly engaged bride-to-be to consider.

Set up a wedding specific email.

This helps keep things separate but also stops them from getting buried in your personal stuff. If RSVPs are coming via email, this is also a perfect way to keep it separate.

Consider a digital invitation method.

There are plenty of sites online or you can just use a design savvy friend to set it up but either way this will save you cash and lots of time. Plus it’s the 21st century and most people are all over the place. Email is the preferred method of communication for a reason.

Have a longer engagement.

My engagement was 20 months and honestly I have no idea how brides organize a wedding in less than that! It wasn’t intentional, My fiance proposed in spring and as I wanted a winter wedding, 6 months was nowhere close to enough time, so we had to roll it over to the following winter. In any case, the time frame gave us enough time to really think things through, book far in advance and have time to relax in between. I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check on the seasons

Depending where you live the seasons hold all kinds of challenges but if you can at all help it, avoid high rain months. It may still rain, but its less likely and even though rain isn’t a total spoiler, it does make keeping your hair and makeup on point a challenge. I literally pulled out a rainfall chart and chose my day based on the month with the lease amount of rain. The day was absolutely amazing, some of which by luck and some of which by planning but I’m so glad I did that.

Choose a holiday

My husband and I did this and it’s a great way to make sure your anniversary is a holiday every year. Beware that some vendors may charge more to work on a public holiday, but as ours also fell on a Saturday, not one of them charged extra.

Stay at your venue (or close) the night before and the night of

But don’t tell your guests. We did this and it really makes things easier. Plus leading up to my wedding I was reading an article of all these reasons why grooms never attended their weddings. One of the guys said that he simply got stuck in traffic and didn’t make it in time. Whether that’s true or not you really don’t need a broken down car, flat tire or road closure to get in the way of your big day. Now a story from my wedding. Two of the groomsmen flew in for our wedding the day before. One of their girlfriends picked them up from the airport and the three of them were set to head off to meet us all at the venue where we were staying. Unfortunately their car broke down repeatedly and there were a number of challenges in getting an alternative vehicle, all while the venue was an hour and a half away. They ended up missing the ceremony rehearsal and I didn’t even see them because I went to bed before they arrived at around 9pm. Now fortunately they came up the day before because if that had happened on the day, they would have missed the wedding all together. Again, make sure your wedding party and close family are near by!

Check if there is an on the coordinator at your venue

Honestly most venues have this and between them and the MC all should run pretty smoothly. But if your venue doesn’t, you should really consider this. Sorting out the venue at the end of your evening is literally the last thing you will want to do!

Have your engagement shoot with your planned wedding photographers

This is normally a package deal and is really worth it. As your photos are how to remember your day its important that you are comfortable enough with your photographers to ask for the things you want.

Take two pairs of shoes

There would literally be nothing worse than a heel breaking off and you being out of shoes. I don't know why this bothered me so much, but I was really worrying that I would break a heel and have no shoes to wear so I made sure I had a stand by ready.

Have a throwing bouquet..

...and keep your one for yourself. This can be something your bridesmaids are in charge of or a relative with a flair for flowers but you want to.

Cut the cake and then go for photos

This is a great way to keep your guests entertained while you are off taking photos. It also increases the chance of guests eating more cake avoiding waste. The leftovers from the cake cutting can always be served again at dessert.

Consider sunset when scheduling your wedding timetable

As my wedding was in winter, my husband and I ended up moving our ceremony an hour earlier to ensure our photography time was not cut short by an early sunset.



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