• Jasmine Bailey

LAUDAE’s 2020 Philocaly Collection

Cartier & Cypress Gowns - Philocaly Collection

Philocaly— (n.) the love of beauty.

Vancouver’s sustainable bridal brand LAUDAE, has released their stunning 2020 Philocaly Collection and I couldn’t be more excited!

This gorgeous range of eight gowns celebrates the organic beauty of female form with bold and botanical laces while the use of recycled satin stretch lining upholds the brand’s mission for conscious design and incomparable fit.

LAUDAE, known for its sought-after silhouettes, has introduced fresh cuts to frame your favorite assets with the new Philocaly collection.

Named after our local hometown streets, this thoughtfully designed collection encompasses the elegance and passion that so aptly celebrates modern Vancouver brides.

The stunning shots by local Vancouver photographer Garrett Riffal, pay tribute to the LAUDAE designers’ favorite Vancouver locations and take on a more causal-style approach reminding brides that your wedding day is a celebration and a time for fun!

Philocaly officially launched September 4th.

Follow @laudaebride on Instagram to see where the new designs will be available to shop!

Cypress Gown - Philocaly Collection

Cartier Gown - Philocaly Collection

Willow & Windsor Gowns - Philocaly Collection

Windsor Gown - Philocaly Collection

Willow Gown - Philocaly Collection

Alma & Avery Gowns - Philocaly Collection

Alma Gown - Philocaly Collection

Avery Gown - Philocaly Collection

Hudson & Rhodes Gowns - Philocaly Collection

Rhodes Gown - Philocaly Collection

Hudson Gown - Philocaly Collection

British Columbia, Canada

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