• Jasmine Bailey

A Real Brides Detailed Wedding Timeline

For my husband and I doing the wedding timeline was quite a challenge. So to make the lives of you newly engaged ladies easier, I have shared our exact wedding timeline below. And yes, it even included time for a small boat ride!

7:30 Bride & Bridesmaid Prep

8:30 Groom & Groomsmen Prep

10:00 Groom & Groomsmen Photos (10:00-10:45)

10:45 Lunch

11:15 Bride & Bridesmaids Photos (11:15-12:00)

12:00 First Look Photos

12:20 Groomsmen Leave for Church

12:30 Musician Music Begins

12:40 Bridesmaids Leave for Church

12:50 Bridal Party Line Up

13:00 Ceremony Begins

13:45 Ceremony Ends

14:00 Church Photo on steps outside

14:05 Travel to Reception

14:30 Cake Cutting

14:30 Canapes on the deck + Games

15:00 Bridal Party Leave for Photos

16:45 Start Going to Reception

17:15 Wedding Party Entrance

17:25 Bride and Groom Enter

17:30 Welcome Speech

17:45 Father of the Bride Speech

17:55 Grace

18:00 Dinner

19:00 Bride and Groom Speech

19:10 Best Man Speech

19:20 First Dance

19:30 Dessert

20:00 Bridesmaids Speeches

20:10 Family Dance

20:15 Open Dance Floor

20:30 Night Photo Shoot

21:10 Garter and Bouquet Toss

23:00 Grand Exit

British Columbia, Canada

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