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#GarnetJanuary: Burgundy Themed Wedding Inspiration

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

January’s birthstone is the Garnet and we celebrated a  few ways to incorporate this crimson tone into a burgundy themed wedding. 

Well if you weren’t already in love with burgundy wedding decor, you will be when you see how well it pairs with rose gold! Yes the color of the moment, rose gold decor pairs so perfectly with maroon wedding decor you would think the two were made for each other! 

Burgundy and rose gold wedding table decor

Incase you needed proof let us start this burgundy themed post with this breathtaking burgundy and rose gold wedding table setup. The rose gold charger plates and cutlery ties in magically to the deep red roses. And just take a moment to enjoy how perfect those gold speckled roses are! 

Rose gold and burgundy wedding table decor

Burgundy Wedding Cake

Next up is this gorgeous naked wedding cake. The deep red roses bring a dash of gorgeous color to this cake making it the perfect combination of simple meets breathtaking. 

Gorgeous naked wedding cake decorated with crimson roses

Burgundy Bridal Bouquets

Now brides, let’s talk bridal bouquets. Here are some amazing examples of stepping outside the classic bridal bouquet with deep colors that add life and variety to your bridal look!


This modern burgundy bridal bouquet is exactly what you need to splash your favourite colour into your special day

Burgundy Bridal Boutonniere

We can’t leave your groom out! We saw this  boutonniere and simply fell in love with it! 

Keep the burgandy theme going with this classy modern wedding boutonniere

Burgundy Wedding Shoes

Now let’s talk bridal shoes. If you’re looking for a way to bring in some color without taking away from your dreamy white day, then colored bridal shoes are just what you need. They are like a little secret only you know about until they pop out while you walk. Personally, I love them! 

Bold wedding shoes add a splash of colour without compromising a more traditional wedding theme

Burgundy Wedding Coat

Onto your coat, if your wedding is in the cooler times of the year (or not). What better way to bring the fairytale into your dream day than with this gorgeous Little Red Ridinghood styled coat! 

This 'Little Red Ridinghood' coat brings your fairytale wedding to life

I love these inspiration ideas for a burgundy wedding! Hopefully they sparked some ideas for yours! 



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