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1 Week Countdown: What to do the week before your wedding

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

After the months of hard work you are finally in the last stretch before the big day. Now I’m hoping that you were able to get the majority of the heavy lifting sorted out and this week should ideally be sorting out a few of the smaller tasks.

Pay attention to your diet.

Yes this is your last week before your wedding and we don’t need anything weird cropping out on our gorgeous faces so drink lots of water! Also eat right. Cut out sugar and avoid gorging on anything delicious at all costs. My skin will ALWAYS punish me if I overindulge in a sugary treat so this was imperative. We also just want to look as naturally gorgeous as possible so give your skin some help by keeping that water level up.

Get your eyelashes and eyebrows done.

If you are having eyelash extensions have them done now. I had mine done 8 days before my wedding and that gave my eyes time to get used to it and time for any weird reaction to subside. This was my first try at eyelash extensions, risky I know, but damn they can be costly so this was a once off splurge. I also took anti histamines a few days before just to help prevent anything weird from happening, fortunately I was fine. My eyelash technician also bulked them up a bit to cover any loss during those days before the wedding, but honestly the loss was minimal. I would definitely recommend the extensions. Just beware if your honeymoon involves water. I found it difficult to rub my eyes which didn’t effect me at all until I dived into a pool and needed to clear the water from my eyes.

I also had my eyebrows tinted the day before my wedding. This was another risk but because my makeup artist was based near my venue (to save travel costs) and the tint was a free offer, I had it done the day before. All worked out fine but I’d recommend 2 days before or whatever your technician suggests, they know the product best.

Get enough sleep.

This is the week before your wedding and the last thing you want is bags under those eyes so set alarms and for this week stick to them, every day. Make sure you are getting as much sleep as you need to wake up feeling good. For me that’s at least 10 hours, you need to do what works for your body but avoid sleep deprivation at all costs.

Wear a facemask.

And not a new one! The week before your wedding is no time to be testing new things on your face. But choose a mask that your skin is accustomed to and use it every second day. Work it out so you are not using it the day before the wedding unless you are very comfortable that your skin will be fine. The ones in a tube are best because then its not a ‘new’ mixture out of a different sachet.

Get your manicure (and pedicure).

I would recommend 2-3 days before the wedding, ideally with a nail technician who has done your nails before. I went with someone who my bridesmaids knew well but I had never used so I at least had the time to find a solution if I wasn’t happy but ideally this is not a risk you want to take. Fortunately I loved mine! I had acrylics done because months of wedding planning had left me nails in absolute ruins and there was no way of salvaging them. A benefit to this was the acrylics handled my few days before the wedding with ease and actually lasted the whole way through my week long island holiday as well! I would certainly suggest going to a more durable option simply because there is no time for nail touch-ups this close to the day. I also used this as an opportunity to meet up with my bridesmaids and we all had our nails done together, which was a great way of touching base with them before the wedding.

Try on the full look.

Take a day to try on your wedding look, dress, shoes accessories, underwear and all! Spend some time walking around paying attention to anything that may be needing some attention. This may be some gel pads for those shoes (you will be in them for hours), cutting that itching label off your undies and anything else you can find. Also try a toilet trial run. You will be glad to have the practice on the big day.

Do a final check of what you will be taking.

This applies to your clothing and any décor that is required for the wedding.

Write a list, check it with soon-to-be-hubby and then keep it accessible during the week.

Start putting everything you are taking in its own designated area away from other things. As new things crop into mind, add those to the list and move them to their location. Do a full pack two days before the wedding so that if you left anything important you will pick it up in those last two days before you leave. Anything that cannot be packed, keep it near your bags so when you grab your bag you cannot go without it!

Practice your vows .

If you are able to practice your vows, this week is a good time to do it. Go over them a few times to help ease the nerves and help you sound a bit more comfortable on the day.

Pick up your dress and hubbys suit.

Or have someone you trust do it, but if they were in for tailoring or cleaning, make sure they are picked up early in the week and waiting safely for their big show.

Check on that weather.

Keep an eye on the weather report in those final days. Should you need to move an outdoor wedding in, this Is the time to figure that out.

Rest and don’t stress

Now this can be challenging but this was my attitude – If by now it hasn’t been thought of, its simply not important enough. You cannot spend the week before your wedding stressing over small things. At the end of the day as long as there is food your guests will be happy and as long as you and your hubby get married, you have achieved the whole point of the day. So take it easy, deal with what you can, leave what you can't and keep yourself smiling and relaxed the whole time.



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