Fine Jewelry

A collection of the premier fine jewelers in Vancouver and surrounds.


Nanda Jewellers

Wedding Jewelry | Custom Jewelry Design

Established in 1993, Nanda Jewellers is located in South Vancouver’s historical Punjabi Market. Known for their specialization in South Asian jewellery, Nanda Jewellers has taken steps to satisfy all Vancouverites with their bridal needs and has expanded to include diamond dealing, and custom jewellery design.

Vancouver, British Columbia

(604) 327-9316

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Instagram @nandajewellers

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Cavalier Jewellers

Custom Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Located in the historic Gastown Dominion Building, Cavalier features locally made custom engagement rings and wedding bands. 

Vancouver, British Columbia

(604) 681 0047

Facebook @cavaliergastown

Instagram @cavaliergastown

British Columbia, Canada

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