Leanne Madeline

Customised cake toppers

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Custom Items

A collection of the premier wedding custom suppliers in Vancouver and surrounds.


Steveston Creative

Custom CNC Products

Welcome to Steveston Creative!

We create custom CNC products that tell your story.

The people we work with have a vision they want turned into reality.

We welcome wedding and event planners, small and large businesses, personal projects, and anyone else that needs a custom-created product.

Vancouver, British Columbia



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Leanne Madeline Boutique

Cake and Cupcake Toppers | Place Settings | Balloons

Being a graphic designer, I have a natural love for the small details - those final touches. I love going that extra mile by adding 'a little of this' or 'a little of that' to everything I do. each of my designs and creations are made with love and I want to share them with the world - better yet, with you!

Vancouver, British Columbia



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Customized Luxury Bridal Gifts | Giant Flowers | Wedding Decor

Luxury bridal decor and gifts. Flowers of any size and color made of Italian crepe paper or special water-resistant material helps you to celebrate your big day with a chick.

Vancouver, British Columbia



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British Columbia, Canada

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