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Why advertise with us?

Unlike many other platforms & influencers, our target audience is VERY specific. We tailor our advertising to suit brides-to-be in the greater Vancouver area and surrounds. This means that the people we reach & those following us, are local too & more likely to make use of your services. We also maintain active advertising. So as brides-to-be enter and exit the market, we continue to reach those who are currently wedding planning.

Regular Listing Promotion Plan - Free


  • Website Listing

  • Facebook & Instagram Promotion Post (Within regular posting strategy)

  • Facebook & Instagram Story Feature (Within regular posting strategy)

  • Pinterest Promotional Post (Within regular posting strategy)


  • Special Offer - Provide The Wedding Cluster Brides special offers to receive additional free advertising

Download the listing form at the bottom of the page.

Advanced Promotional Plans

Website Feature Banners:

List your business on a Top-of-page Banner Advert. Once booked, your promotional banner remains in that position until someone else books that spot so you could hold that position for longer than the paid period at no additional charge.

$15 per month

Website Listing Priority:

Move your listing to a top-of-page position. Minimum 3 month booking | Maximum 6 month booking. Once booked your listing remains in that position until someone else books that spot so you could hold that position for longer than the 3 month minimum at no additional charge.

Position 1 & 2: $15 per month

Position 3 & 4: $10 per month

Position 5 & 6: $5 per month

Social Media Advanced Promotion:

Get additional promotional posts outside of the regular promotional strategy. Minimum 4 posts per month.

Instagram Post: $10 per post (free Instagram story feature with each post)

Additional Services:

We’re here to help local vendors shine and can also offer a variety of freelance services. Get in touch to arrange these customised services.

  • Graphic Design (Flyers, Signage etc)

  • Advanced Photoshopping

  • Short Video Design

  • Social Media Management/ Training


British Columbia, Canada

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